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Live Freshwater Eels

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  • Eels packed in plastic lined polystyrene boxes.
  • Ice enclosed in plastic sheets is used to keep the box temperature low.
  • Live Eel Grades: 300-500gm, 500gm-1kg, 1+kg

The company has a process that starts with the fishermen and continues right through to the airline, which means the eels arrive at their destination in excellent condition.

Average adult size:
Shortfin 40-50cm (Males) and 50-80cm (Females)
Longfin 50-70cm (Males) and 80-120cm (Females)

Shortfin eels are found in New Zealand and southeast Australia, abundantly in coastal ponds, lakes and swamps, and in some inland lakes.
Longfin are only found in New Zealand, commonly in lakes and rivers throughout New Zealand.
Both species migrate to the sea to breed, with the Shortfin eel maturing earlier average age of 19 years than the Longfin eel at 33 years.
The migrant eels have a much higher fat content.  Eels are caught mainly by fyke nets, some by traps and pots.

Eels are avaiable all year round in the North Island and seasonally in the South Island, where most hibernate furing the winter.